By far the most asked question on the Butterfly Facebook page is: will this be available on Android?

The short answer is ‘hopefully’!

There are a number of reasons why I chose to build Butterfly for iPhone first:

  • Apple leads the way in providing support for developers (HealthKit, CareKit, ResearchKit) to build Health apps. By comparison, Google Fit is more focussed on fitness than health per se, and doesn’t have a great track record; its predecessor Google Health was shut down in 2011.
  • Apple addresses privacy & security concerns by keeping all your data on the device, and it’s fully encrypted. Who knows what Google does?!
  • iOS App Store now earns 75 percent more revenue than the Google Play Store – despite Play generating twice as many downloads. This is important as I’m funding this project myself, and need to generate revenue to cover my costs, which are significant.
  • There’s roughly a 50:50 iOS/Android split between potential Butterfly users (according to my Facebook stats)

There’s one more reason which is far more personal: my wife, Helen! She’s the reason I embarked on this project, and she has an iPhone. I need to fix the problem on my own doorstep first! Its a bit selfish, but thats only natural.

So, in summary, if the iPhone version of Butterfly is successful and pays its way, I’ll build an Android version. Even if I don’t make enough money to cover my costs, I will try to crowdfund the Android version instead.