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Build a complete picture of your thyroid health

Track your symptoms, vital signs, sleep, activity, medication and lab results and have a better understanding of your condition. Spot trends and patterns over time with PILIPALA’s weekly  overviews, and see how your diet, exercise, stress levels and sleep play an important part in your thyroid health.

“This is the app I wish I had when I first got sick.”

Helen, Wales


Show your doctor, family & friends how you feel

Explaining what’s going on with your thyroid condition can be difficult, as it’s invisible to everyone but you. Show your doctor, family and friends how your condition affects you day-to-day with PILIPALA’s sharable reports, and have better conversations about the support, treatment and care you need to get better.

Set medication reminders

Stay on top of your medication and supplements with scheduled reminders and alerts.

Track your symptoms

Record how you feel physically and emotionally throughout the day with a tap of your screen.

Organise your labwork

Store your test results securely and access them wherever you take your phone.


What people are saying

“For too long, thyroid conditions have been under-researched, mis-understood and mis-diagnosed. PILIPALA has the potential to change that.”

Lyn Mynott

Chief Executive, Thyroid UK


“Thank you for this awesome app. I love it and call it my thyroid buddy.”

Ilona, Australia


“Its a lifesaver app. Without this I would be right back to foggy land every day.”

Marisse, Eire

“Really helpful”

“I’m finding the app really helpful. It’s helped me realise how many of the symptoms I experienced may be linked to my thyroid problem”

Justyna, England 

“A God-send”

“I’ve been using the app to help keep track of my daughter’s symptoms and to make sure she takes her medication and it has been a God-send”

Caroline, Scotland


Get early access to PILIPALA

Sign up and we’ll invite you to join our worldwide beta programme. If you’re on iPhone, we’ll send you instructions on how to install PILIPALA via Apple’s TestFlight service within 48 hours!

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Latest News

2 weeks ago

Where did Butterfly go?

A tale of laziness, a shark tank, and the language of Dylan Thomas...

Two years ago, at the start of our journey, a name for our app was close to the bottom of the to-do list! So, we were lazy and chose the most obvious of symbols, the Butterfly, for inspiration.

Recently, a number of challenges have arisen to using that name. At a Shark Tank (where our founder Mike Linskey pitched the app to a room full of business and legal advisers), an Intellectual Property expert flagged a risk that protecting our brand and trademarking Butterfly for use with matters thyroid-related could be very challenging.

Then, our new medical writing adviser brought our attention to the Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust, who have been doing fantastic work for the last 18 years. By talking to their inspiring CEO Kate Farnell, we found out that the Trust had aspirations to build an app of their own.

We made the decision that to continue using the name Butterfly could only cause more problems, so a rebrand to coincide with our UK & Ireland launch was the solution.

We’re a company based in Wales, and using the welsh word for Butterfly was an appealing option. So, PILIPALA: your thyroid diary became the new name for our app, with the approval of our beta testers and Facebook supporters.

Diolch yn fawr! (That’s “thanks very much” in welsh)
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Comment on Facebook

I like the new name! 😀

How do i get the app

Can't wait for the android app. X

Looking forward to the Android App

It’s a lovely and memorable name. Congratulations on meeting and beating the challenge!

How long until the Android app please?

Love the new name & hope I can carry on being a beta tester!

I like it! Thanks for the explanation.


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3 weeks ago

We've closed the early access programme for UK & Ireland iPhone users. You know what that means... ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Time for an android one maybe??

US coming soon? 🙏

3 weeks ago

Do you use a Period Tracking app? Our next beta release will sync data between your favourite apps like Flo, Clue, Eve, Cycles, Glow etc., so you'll be able to see cycle dates, length and flow within Butterfly! Useful? ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook


Yep! I use Glow 😊


4 weeks ago

We've spent a lot of time this week on designing shareable reports of your symptoms, mood, medication, sleep, movement and activity. Any GPs or Consultants out there who'd like to take a look? All feedback gratefully received 😉 ... See MoreSee Less

Weve spent a lot of time this week on designing shareable  reports of your symptoms, mood, medication, sleep, movement and activity. Any GPs or Consultants out there whod like to take a look? All feedback gratefully received 😉


Comment on Facebook

Why do I need a mobile phone to sign up?

1 month ago

Would you find this useful to help explain how your condition affects your day-to-day activities? 🤔 ... See MoreSee Less

Would you find this useful to help explain how your condition affects your day-to-day activities? 🤔


Comment on Facebook

I'm sure if it just said "socializing" I'd click it lots haha... I'm exhausted after being out even if it not with people. I'm exhausted for days after cleaning too haha, so to answer your question. Yes! 🙂

Still waiting on a Canadian release 🙂



May want to add a few more things like doc appointment, grocery shopping.



Great idea 😝

Yup. Waiting for android version


Yes, definitely - fits well with the Spoon Theory. Can't wait for the Android version.

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1 month ago

Changes are afoot. What do you think? ... See MoreSee Less

Changes are afoot. What do you think?
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