Living with a thyroid condition, made easier

Build a complete picture of your thyroid health and discover how to help yourself

Take Control Of Your Thyroid Health

Fast check-in to track your physical and emotional symptoms, daily activities and general quality of life

Become Your Own Advocate

Learn about your condition from global experts to have better conversations with healthcare advisers

Check Your Thyroid Health Trends

Record your thyroid panel and other lab test results to compare against your physical and emotional health trends

The Check-in

Check-in is a fast and flexible way to record your daily activities, physical symptoms, emotional state and quality of life. It takes just 10 minutes, and fits around your schedule.

Comprehensive Medication Management

Medication alerts keep you on track with your thyroid treatment and supplements. Set up a regular schedule and PILIPALA will remind you when to take your dose whilst also allowing you to snooze to a more convenient time if necessary. You can flex your medication schedule if you are running late and PILIPALA will delay subsequent doses.

Make Sense Of Your Lab Test Results

Easily store your labwork on your phone, and see trends in your thyroid panel and other results. Understand your numbers with our simple graphs that show you when you were in or out of range.


Find your root cause

Spot thyroid health patterns and trends to help you understand what causes flare-ups with PILIPALA's comprehensive Insights. Discover possible causes for certain symptoms and whether or not you are feeling better or worse from month-to-month.

250+ Curated Articles by Thyroid Experts

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" For too long, thyroid conditions have been under-researched, mis-understood and mis-diagnosed.

PILIPALA has the potential to change that."

LYN MYNOTT - Chief Executive, thyroid UK

“Thank you for this awesome app. I love it and call it my thyroid buddy.”

- Ilona, Australia

“It's helped me realise how many of my symptoms may be linked to my thyroid problem”

- Justyna, England

“Its a lifesaver app. Without this I would be right back to foggy land every day.”

- Marisse, Ireland

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September 2021

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Symptoms Highlights compare your symptoms and their severity over time


Sleep Quality Highlights compare your sleep patterns over time

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